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Consumer Reports: Buy only antibiotic-free chicken

Diposting pada 3 February 2016 oleh premiumherbal

 The February 2014 issue of Consumer Reports concludes “that most raw chicken breasts are contaminated with bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains.”


An investigation by Consumer Reports magazine led to a startling conclusion:

“Ninety-seven percent of the [chicken] breasts we tested harbored bacteria that could make you sick.”

“Consumer Reports’ recent analysis of more than 300 raw chicken breasts purchased at stores across the U.S. found potentially harmful bacteria lurking in almost all of the chicken, including organic brands.”

Chicken can kill

The magazine’s February 2014 issue reports “more deaths were attributed to poultry than to any other commodity,” according to an analysis of outbreaks from 1998 through 2008 by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A total of 48 million people fall sick each year from eating tainted food.

Go drug free

“Still, there are good reasons for selecting chicken raised without the use of antibiotics,” the magazine advises, adding:

“Buying those products supports farmers who keep their chickens off unnecessary drugs, and that’s good for your health and preserves the effectiveness of antibiotics.

“‘Chickens without antibiotic resistance to salmonella and other dangerous pathogens can’t pass antibiotic-resistant bugs onto you,’ says Dr. Robert Lawrence, a professor at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.”

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2 komentar untuk Consumer Reports: Buy only antibiotic-free chicken

  • Yudo says:

    Sudah saatnya perlu obat alami untuk pemeliharaan ternak ayam pedaging supaya kita dan anak kita aman mengkonsumsi daging ayam…..saya mau tanya….apakah growfaster bisa mengatasi residu antibiotik pada ayam….?

    • premiumherbal says:

      Growfaster terbuat dari bahan alami, sudah di uji lab, bebas Antibiotika, Hormon, dan Bahan Kimia Obat. dan produk ini telah di gunakan oleh banyak peternak unggas…

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